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Pick the most profitable niches with CPC Map

CPC, the first component of website monetization, is extremely important because the ROI of every click can increase or drop exponentially depending on the niche. This is where SEMrush's CPC Map steps in.


With this interactive tool, you can:

  • See the most profitable industries in terms of cost per click
  • Discover how the costs vary depending on location
  • Compare costs for different industries, regions or countries

CPC Map will help you choose the right audience to work with and predict your earnings more accurately.


Boost your organic traffic with On-Page SEO Checker

On-Page SEO Checker is no ordinary SEO tool. It provides you with the exact action points instead of letting you drown in tables and spreadsheets.


You’ll get ideas on:

  • Websites to get backlinks from
  • Words to use in your texts
  • Text length and readability
  • Overall SEO strategy
  • ... and much more


The recommendations are based on the analysis of your successful competitors (who got into Google's Top 10 results) and your own website. SEMrush will also prioritize the recommendations for you and give you an opportunity to track how your work makes your traffic grow.


Analyze successful publishers with Display Advertising

Learning from leaders is always a winning tactic. With the Display Advertising tool, you can analyze your successful rivals from every angle:

  • What ad placements they have
  • Which businesses advertise on their sites
  • The top interests of their audience
  • The devices people are visiting their sites from


Armed with this data, you can improve your own website and reorganize your ad placements to make them more clickable - from every location and device.


Create relevant content with SEO Writing Assistant

SEO Writing Assistant is an intuitive tool that provides you with unintrusive optimization ideas for your text just as you're bringing it to life. You'll get recommendations about:

  • Overall readability
  • Words to use
  • Title
  • Word count
  • Tone of voice


SEO Writing Assistant is available as a Google Docs and Wordpress add-on. Check out this tool to quickly check if your content does everything right in the SEO department and make sure Google likes it as much as you do.