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SEMrush Launches a Tool for Amazon

Great news for those of you who sell on Amazon or are thinking about trying this business on. We have launched a free tool for increasing your conversions by A/B testing your Amazon listings. Read more...

Sellerly - SEMrush Launches a Tool for Amazon Sellers

Discover Any Company’s Mobile Traffic Sources

To win in the increased competition for mobile users’ attention, you need to bet on the best-performing tactics. Now you can discover them with the Mobile Traffic Sources breakdown in the SEMrush Traffic Analytics tool. Read more...

SEMrush: Discover Any Company’s Mobile Traffic Sources immagine 1

Position Tracking on the Go!

Always thinking about how to stay ahead of your competitors? Losing sleep over your website’s daily rankings? Obviously, you should get more rest, and it’s very possible now that we’ve created our Position Tracking Mobile App. It lets you follow all of your Position Tracking campaigns on the go, so you can keep an eye on your website no matter where you are! Read more...

PT app

Social Media Poster: Promuovi i tuoi post direttamente dal tool

Da quando Facebook ha cambiato il News Feed facendo comparire i post degli amici più in alto rispetto a quelli pubblicati dalle aziende, il pulsante "Promuovi post" è il modo più semplice che le imprese hanno per farsi notare. Con la nuova opzione che ti permetterà di promuovere i tuoi contenuti non dovrai più uscire da SEMrush Social Media Poster per ottenere più visualizzazioni, più like o più clic per i tuoi post. Per saperne di più…Boost Your Posts Right from the Tool

Our New Oppty Tool: Actual Sales Opportunities in No Time

How long does it usually take to find relevant opportunities for your business? No matter how powerful your company is, time is money, we all know that. We want you to be able to forget about the time aspect and focus more on the money. Please meet Oppty – our special tool that helps you quickly find ideal leads and turn them into clients. Read more...

Oppty banner

Display Advertising: Audience Targeting

L'intero mondo delle ricerche si sta spostando dal puntare sulle parole chiave al puntare sul pubblico, che rappresenta esso stesso le nuove parole chiave. Questo permette agli inserzionisti di inviare il messaggio giusto alla persona giusta e al momento giusto, cosa che risulta impossibile per le parole chiave. Per saperne di più…

SEMrush: Display Advertising: Audience Targeting immagine 1

Listing Management: Now Available in Australia

G’day, Australia! We’re about to bring you the power of SEMrush’s outstanding Listing Management tool, so you better be ready to use it! You know that all customers are looking for the best products and services around them, and they want results as quickly as possible. Are you sure your business will show up exactly when local customers are looking? Read more...


SEO Writing Assistant: Tone of Voice

‘It’s not what you say, it's how you say it,’ right? Well, both points matter, though you have to know exactly in what way you should write killer content so that it appeals to its target audience. It’s still easy to get lost on the way from what you know to what you write. Our new feature in SEO Writing Assistant will solve this issue. Read more...

SEMrush: SEO Writing Assistant: Tone of Voice immagine 1

Site Audit: New Features for Site Migration

Site migration is without a doubt a very important stage in the life cycle of a website. You have to pay attention to many details in order to keep your SEO machine running and to avoid damaging anything. Site Audit, SEMrush’s unique multi-tool for technical SEO, now provides you with everything you need to relocate your site safe and sound. Read more...SEMrush: Site Audit: New Features for Site Migration immagine 1

SEMrush API Improvements: Swifter, Broader, Deeper

If you need to efficiently share vast amounts of SEMrush data through a custom interface, we’ve got good news for you. SEMrush Analytical API (Overview Reports, Domain Reports, and Keyword Reports) has had an unprecedented boost in performance and functionality. Here’s what we now offer for easier data acquisition and analysis. Read more...

SEMrush: SEMrush API Improvements: Swifter, Broader, Deeper immagine 1