To activate a promo code, simply register a free SEMrush account and insert the promo code at promo.semrush.com page. Make sure to activate only one promo code per account.

The system allows activation of only one promo code or offer per account.  Therefore, once you attempt to activate more than one promo code per account, the full amount is being charged.

The invoices can be downloaded directly from your profile “Payments” section.

If you’re eligible for value-added tax, you need to insert a valid VAT number in your Profile page so that the system had knowledge of your payment details. The validity is checked here: http://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/vies/?locale=en

The reasons why your card could be declined are the card’s expiration, insufficient funds or a transaction blocked by the bank. In such cases, we recommend contacting your bank to resolve the issue, requesting to allow access to SEMrush or checking your card’s status. After this is done, you can simply make a new purchase of the product manually to continue using the tool.


To delete/edit a project, simply click on the Settings button here: 
Then you create another project using the Add new project button at the top right corner of the page.


First of all, check the limits of your subscription.
Secondly, your site could be blocking SEMrush by User Agent. In this case, the settings will switch to GoogleBot:

Thirdly, your site could be blocking us by IP. To whitelist SEMrush, please use the following IP address: IP address of Semrush Bot (Site Audit): and
Also, check whether there’s a Disallow: / in your robots.txt.
Finally, check for <meta name=‘robots’ content=’noindex, nofollow'> attributes on the main page.
If none of this helps, please, feel free to contact our Customer Success team.

After seven days without the access to the paid subscription, the limits of the free level are applied. The limits of the free level only allow to create 1 project with up to 10 keywords to track in the Position Tracking tool. The extra projects and keywords are being deleted from the system automatically. 

Yes, the whole project can be shared in a read-only mode with another SEMrush user or any other person. In this case simply enter their email in the pop-up window and they’ll receive an email inviting to register an account, after which they’ll be able to see a newly shared project.


Firstly, please check that the domain you entered is spelled correctly in the project settings.
Secondly, check the version of your domain with which it is ranking in TOP-100 (root domain, subdomain, URL, subfolder). You could be tracking a URL while it is a root domain with which your site is ranking in SERP. 
Thirdly, check whether your domain is indeed ranking for the keywords from your project in TOP-100 by clicking on View SERP button. 


Paid search

This can be for a number of reasons: the domain is running ads for keywords that we do not have in our database, the ads are placed on a more localized level or the ads are being placed at a particular time of day that does not correspond with the time when we last updated the data.

Traffic cost is an estimation depending on the amount of keywords and your positions for them, it heavily relies on CPC and search volume metrics. We have no information regarding the exact CPC for keywords, therefore the estimation may differ from the real number that you see in your Google AdWords account.

Organic research

If you see a “Nothing found” message for your domain, it means that your website, unfortunately, is not yet positioned amongst the top results of Google for the keywords in our national databases (the top 100 results in our databases for US, UK, IT and AU and the top 20 for the rest of the regional databases). It’s also possible that your domain is positioned amongst the top results for the keywords that we do not have in our database. 

In cases like this, however, our Projects section could be of great use! It has a Position Tracking tool which allows you to track the positions of any domain for any keywords in any location! It can be found here: semrush.com/projects

The keywords in our database are being updated on a rolling basis. The frequency of an update depends on the keyword’s level of popularity: the most popular keywords are being updated daily, the keywords with a low search volume - less frequently.

Currently, we carry several different regional locations for Google as well as US Bing and US Google-Mobile: https://www.semrush.com/stats/. If the country you’re looking for is not yet in the list, we recommend setting up a Position Tracking project, which allows tracking the rankings of any site you choose for any keywords you choose (even if the domain is brand new and the keywords are not in our database), through the first ten pages of Google, from any location and device of your choice. Furthermore, we plan on adding several databases 

With keyword difficulty, SEMrush takes into consideration the authority of the domains that are showing up for a given keyword. The more authoritative, visible and well-positioned the websites are that rank for a particular keyword, the harder it will be for one to rank for that keyword. In short, KD depends on the domain strength of all the domains that are ranking for a given keyword.
There is no way to truly gauge organic difficulty. Google does not really give you this number. SEMrush has created their own proprietary formula to measure this with the results for a given keyword.

The monthly traffic estimation relies heavily on the positions of a particular domain for the keywords and the search volume of each keyword.

We have recently rolled out a Subdomain report in the US database, so now it is possible to see the rankings for your site's subdomains. As for other databases, this report is going to appear soon, but for now one can perform the search by a root domain, a URL or a keyword. However, the Pages report can show you the distribution of a root domain by all the URLs by which it appears in TOP-20/100, so this is where you might find the data about your subdomain and see a full report about this URL.


This can occur if our bot didn’t detect any backlinks to your site yet. The backlink database is still in the process of development and we plan to expand our backlinks database very soon.

The backlinks research is still a relatively new feature of ours, we’re still in the process of developing it. We do not export the backlinks from any other source, therefore, it’s possible that your website has more backlinks that is indicated in the report.
In addition, we plan to expand our backlinks database very soon.

We are constantly working on expanding our backlinks database and update the existing backlinks as often as we can. We try to update the backlinks at least once in three months, however the updates can occur more often for the domains of high authority (for example, governmental ones).

You can use Backlink Audit tool in our Projects section. With this tool you can check all of your backlinks, and ones that are considered toxic will be marked as such. You can also filter them by different toxic markers and compile a list of Disavow links for Google Disavow tool.

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