Click, publish, thrive: Easy way to create content that drives traffic

ContentShake AI generates unlimited, ready-to-publish content that boosts organic traffic, engagement, and leads for your business.

ContentShake AI Interface

Stress-free way to create excellent content for one-person teams

Simply choose a content idea and generate a full article optimized for users and search engines.

Create content your clients will love

You don't need to be a content expert to craft copy that brings traffic and customers.

Let ContentShake AI do the heavy lifting for you.

Get fresh content ideas each week. Save time on manual research:

ContentShake AI suggests relevant and trending topics that will resonate with your audience.

Generate organic traffic hassle-free

Turn your content ideas into ready-to-publish articles with SEO best practices. Create original content for anything from general subjects to niche topics.

Create high-performing content 12x faster

Enjoy ChatGPT’s AI capabilities paired with Semrush’s powerful SEO data to write, enhance, and brainstorm content with ease.

Automate research and competitive analysis

ContentShake AI analyzes your organic rivals and integrates fresh, up-to-date information in every content piece.

Craft magnetic social media posts

Create catchy posts for any social media platform in just one click. Turn your articles into engaging posts or write them from scratch.

Create and enhance your content on any website or platform

Install the ContentShake AI for Chrome extension and improve your writing on the go.

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How to write 12x faster with ContentShake AI

Experience the transformation with ContentShake AI.

Learn how a veteran content marketer cut her writing time in half by using the tool, helping grow her business.

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Make content creation a breeze with ContentShake AI features

Edit and enhance your content with ease

Looking to add some changes? Improve your article’s structure, tone of voice, readability, and more in an instant.

Enhance your articles with visual content

Use ContentShake AI to integrate quality images directly into your articles to boost engagement and rankings.

Publish directly to your blog or move to Google Docs

Send your articles to WordPress without leaving tool. Or, transfer them to Google Docs in one click.

What ContentShake AI users love:

  • Long-form content in one click

    “ContentShake AI creates a long-form piece right away, and accuracy and accessibility make it way better than ChatGPT!”

    Chiara Brancato Founder at the Museum Creative

  • So easy, anyone can do it

    “The platform is incredibly user-friendly and intuitive, making it a reliable and efficient tool to streamline our content creation process.”

    Kathryn Strachan CEO at CopyHouse

  • Effortless keyword and topic research

    “It has really simplified keyword research, generating content ideas and, most importantly, creating SEO-friendly content briefs for the team we have hired.”

    Vanhishikha Bhargava Founder at Contensify

Grow your business with simplified yet powerful content marketing

By Semrush

ContentShake AI is a smart writing tool that lets you create ready-to-rank content with ease. It combines AI capabilities with Semrush’s powerful SEO data and is perfect for small teams with big content goals.

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