Mobile Data in Traffic Analytics: The Jet Engine for Your Business

August 28, 2018image

We are happy to announce the arrival of the new Traffic Analytics! It is a powerful market intelligence tool supplying data to support your business decisions and provide for increased revenue.

On August 15 we launched the long-hoped-for updates that turn Traffic Analytics into an indispensable solution not just for SEOs but for marketing managers and analysts of all levels, business development directors, and affiliate and sales managers too. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s happening.

Radical Game Changers

Mobile devices are conquering the world. According to Statista, the amount of traffic coming from tablets and smartphones exceeds 51.89% of the world’s total. So to deliver the most accurate data and let you gain more insights into your rivals’ and prospects’ traffic sources, channels and distribution we have added mobile traffic data to Traffic Analytics reports.

In the Traffic Overview, Geo Distribution and Subdomains reports you can now choose to see mobile or desktop data or have both traffic sources in front of you at the same time.


In the Traffic Overview report, we also display the engagement metrics for desktop and mobile separately. Consequently, the Traffic History chart now has three separate graphs for all devices, desktop, and mobile to let you monitor trends for each type of traffic. You also have access to historical mobile traffic data from January 2018*.


The Traffic Share widget of the Traffic Overview report now contains a pie chart showing the distribution of mobile and desktop traffic for a target domain.


In the Subdomains widget of the Traffic Overview tab and the Subdomains tab, you can see the most popular subdomains of the analyzed website and the traffic they bring split into mobile and desktop.   


In the GEO Distribution widget and the GEO Distribution tab, respectively, you have the TOP 5 countries from which the traffic comes, with separate columns for desktop and mobile.


*At the moment, the data is only available for the period of March 2018 to July 2018; the data for January and February will be added soon.

Full Access for Paid Users until November

It’s crucially important for us that all users benefit from the fully-featured Traffic Analytics. So, to celebrate the mobile traffic data launch we are announcing a special promotion. We are temporarily giving full access to all Traffic Analytics data and reports for all paid subscriptions so that SEMrush users can take advantage of the data we provide and use it to support their major business decisions.

Until the end of October, all Pro, Guru, Business, and Enterprise accounts can enjoy full access to all Traffic Analytics capabilities, including mobile traffic data and mobile vs desktop comparison.

Free users retain access to the Overview Report only. This report features full traffic data but without mobile/desktop split; to retrieve more reports they are welcome to upgrade to Pro or higher.

In November, our subscription plans will be revised. To maintain full access to all Traffic Analytics reports at current pricing you will need to upgrade to Business before the end of October.

Use this unique opportunity to explore the full potential of SEMrush Traffic Analytics to:

  • See how your competitors attract traffic and what channels they prioritize
  • Find out how users interact with your rivals’ websites
  • Assess the capabilities of potential partners before signing a contract
  • Estimate your market share, comparing yourself against competitors.

P.S. If you are interested in enhancing the services you provide with Traffic Analytics data we offer the opportunity to work via API. Drop us a line at

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