Top Pages: Tune the Improved Report to Your Needs

March 5, 2020image

The killer feature of SEMrush Traffic Analytics has become even smoother to use. The updated Top Pages report has had three insightful and thoughtful improvements added to the interface.

For the convenience of users, we’ve added:

  1. The possibility to filter the list of top pages by a target keyword.

This way, you can quickly find the types of pages you’re most interested in: cart, basket, and payment (for e-commerces), specific products or services, log-in and sign-in pages, blog posts and site sections.


2. A drop-down menu with detailed stats on a chosen top page, represented in a nice visual form.​​​​​

This helps users to understand the required data at a glance. Screenshots of colorful graphs look good in reports too!

  1. A clickable table of settings to leave only the most needed metrics in the columns.

You can also drag the names of the settings in the list to bring your preferred parameters to the front. As a result, you’ll get a customized Top Pages report right in the interface!


See for yourself how smoothly the tool responds to your needs.