SEOquake: SEMrush Integration

August 12, 2016image

It’s finally happened! SEOquake and SEMrush are ready to combine their efforts to provide you with effective SEO optimization.  

Those of you who use SEMrush may have already noticed the new ‘Connect SEMrush’ button on the SEObar. 


If you then click the ‘Connect’ button, you will be prompted to connect your SEMrush account or sign in to use a new one. 

After completing this step, go to the website for which you have the campaign set up,  and click on the 'Site Audit' icon on the SEObar, which should already display your site's number of problems. Then you’ll see a dropdown menu with a list of issues for the current page and a ‘View Details’ button leading to the Site Audit report page. Now you’re all set! 


Currently, only integration with Site Audit is supported, but more integrated tools are coming soon. Stay tuned.

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