SEO Ideas: Statistics Report

December 23, 2015image

The latest update to SEO Ideas introduced a new 'Statistics' report that provides users with a detailed overview of their web page optimization campaign.

To switch to the new report, just click on the 'Statistics' tab at the top of the SEO Ideas interface, as shown in the picture below.

From there you can view a general overview of your current SEO Ideas campaign. All data in the report is split into three separate sections:

  1. Audited Landing Pages (Fig. 1.)
    This section shows the total number of landing pages used in your SEO Ideas campaign and lets you know how many of them are optimized, non-optimized or inaccessible.
  2. Position Distribution in Google TOP 100 (Fig. 2)
    As the name suggests, in this section, you can see how your ranking positions for your targeted keywords are distributed in Google's top 100. This is really helpful when you want to get a general picture of your SEO efforts.
  3. Pages Optimization (Fig. 3)
    This last section lets you know how many of your landing pages could use some search engine optimization in order to rank higher in Google and attract more web traffic. For user convenience, this information is broken down into three different types: Content, Backlinks Profile and Technical Issues.*

We hope you like the update! Let us know what you think of the new report — is there any additional data you would like to see there? Do you need a built-in data exporting feature? Feel free to share your ideas, comments and suggestions either via email or the UserVoice feedback form. Thank you for helping us make SEMrush better!

*Please note that to track technical issues in SEO Ideas, you must first set up an active Site Audit campaign for your project.