SEMrush Growth Quadrant: Make Sense of the Competitive Landscape

February 6, 2022image

We’re excited to announce the illustrative and informative SEMrush Growth Quadrant, which will simplify your process of analyzing competitors in the market.

When evaluating the market, it is useful to assess the maturity of the market — how many leaders and established players it has, how companies in the industry grow, and also to identify companies that are worth paying attention to so as not to miss potential threats. This is what our magnificent new SEMrush Growth Quadrant illustrates.

What exactly does the SEMrush Growth Quadrant give you?

The SEMrush Growth Quadrant gives you the opportunity to get a competitive landscape for top industry players. Depending on the Traffic Growth rate (vertical axis) and the Traffic Volume (horizontal axis), the tool divides the top industry players into four segments:

  • Niche Players — the websites that have a smaller traffic volume relative to the rest and are slowly growing or not growing at all; these can be new companies, niche local players, or even old players that haven’t been very successful recently — or the selected country is not their main market.
  • Game Changers — their website traffic is low, but the growth rate is much higher than the market average; these can be startups, companies actively investing in growth, or large companies entering the market.
  • Leaders — their website traffic is significant, and their traffic continues to grow very actively.
  • Established Players — companies with established popularity among the audience, but their traffic growth isn't high enough compared to market growth — it's small or even declining.

Let's consider one example


For example, when analyzing domains similar to, that is, from the Banking category generally, we see that:

  • is an Established Player. It has long been on the market, it has huge total traffic and it is growing slowly. 
  • is a Game Changer. It is much smaller than, but it has positive growth.
  • is a Niche Player. This company is smaller than other competitors, and it grows slower than the Leaders.
  • There are vibrant Leaders in the industry such as and In terms of traffic, they are comparable to, but at the same time, they grow much faster than the industry standard. 

What insights can I get with Growth Quadrant? 

  1. Get a quick competitive landscape of the top players in your market.

Look at the Growth Quadrant to evaluate the market and your competitors. This is important both during the expansion of your business into a new market and then to watch out for the sudden rapid growth of competitors.

  1. Adopt the best practices of market competitors.

Look at who the Game Changers are — these companies grow fast. With the help of the Traffic Sources tab in Traffic Analytics, you can determine through which channels they do so. Then, you can analyze deeper each source channel using tools of the Competitive Research toolkit

  1. If you are an Established Player, identify Game Changers with disruption potential. 

You need to always keep abreast of the current market and watch how the Game Changers grow in order to detect threats to your business. That way, you can take preventive action and adjust your own strategy: plan the acquisition, crush them with marketing budgets or ignore.

How the tool works

  1. To get started working with the new tool, go to Market Explorer.
  2. Enter the domain name of the prominent player in the market.
  3. Choose All Market or Narrow Focus to choose the level of detail.
  4. Get your Growth Quadrant.

Additional options:

  • You can change the number of domains to see the top 10, top 20, and top 30; the time intervals of the analysis: 6 months, 1 year or all time; and the country. Please note: users who don't have Competitive Intelligence add-on yet can see the top 10 players and 6 months only.
  • If any of the domains are not relevant to your search, you can exclude them by clicking on the checkbox to the right of the quadrant.

Want to analyze your own list of competitors?

For those who would like to build the SEMrush Growth Quadrant with a custom list of competitors, we're working on a new tab called "Custom market". If this is what you are looking for, request a notification from the interface using "Send feedback" or "Share your experience" buttons, and we will personally inform you about the release.

We’re excited to know what you think of the Growth Quadrant. Please send us your comments, thoughts, and ideas at

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