Position Tracking Tool: Alerts

November 14, 2016image

Today we’re happy to inform you that a new alert system has now become available for all Position Tracking tool users.

Position Tracking is always at your service to track your rankings. And we know that sometimes it might be hard to find the time to check your reports, sort keyword tables and try to figure out which keywords have gone up/down in rankings, entered the top 100, and so forth.

No need to waste time any longer! Our recently created alert system will let you know if there are any important changes in your rankings and when it’s a good time to check your reports.

Try this new feature by clicking the new bell icon on the right.


First you need to create a trigger. To do so, you'll need to select a rule, a threshold and a domain. Rules and thresholds specify how a keyword’s rank should change. Right now there are five rule options available: ‘Changes by more than’, ‘Enters the top’, ‘Leaves the top’, ‘Gains more than’, and 'Loses more than’. A domain’s threshold may be a number from one to 100.


When any keyword has a change in ranking that meets the selected rule, you’ll receive an email alert in your inbox. The report will contain up to 10 keywords whose rankings have changed the most.

You may create up to 10 triggers per tracking campaign to date. 

More improvements to the alert system are ahead, and we would highly appreciate your feedback. Feel free to send us your ideas and suggestions at tracking-tool-feedback@semrush.com.