What’s New: Get Keyword Ideas with Pagecloud Integration

October 19, 2022image

Semrush is now integrated with Pagecloud. This new integration supports website creators and businesses in performing easy keyword research. 


Pagecloud is a drag-and-drop website builder that helps launch websites and landing pages easily and without coding. The platform promises beautiful designs, unmatched visual editing, marketing and SEO, better team collaboration, and website-building solutions for ecommerce.

With Semrush as a new integration, users can harness the power of keyword research as a preliminary step to launching their sites. This improves the chances of websites performing well on Google from the get-go.

With the Semrush-Pagecloud integration, users can incorporate the keyword research process into their website-building workflow without having to change platforms. By doing this, users save time with both processes.

This integration can help creators and businesses:

  • Improve chances of being seen on search engines
  • Save time on keyword research
  • Assign the most suitable and relevant keywords to each page
  • Synchronize page metadata more accurately
  • Create more targeted content
  • Boost traffic and sales

Currently, Pagecloud can display Semrush’s related keyword ideas based on the primary keyword the user enters in the SEO settings for the page.

After they insert a keyword into the search bar, a long list of related keywords will appear. Each keyword listed in the results shows metrics for:

  • Search volume
  • Number of results
  • Keyword difficulty
  • Cost per click (CPC)

Users can filter search results by any one of the four metrics listed above to help discover new keyword ideas. This also allows them to compare keywords more easily.

Keywords with potential can also be marked as “Favorites” within the Pagecloud integration, where they can be kept for later use.


If more extensive keyword research is required, users can click on the button at the bottom of their results labeled “Get more results with Semrush” to visit their Semrush account. There, they can conduct extended research.

To benefit from the Semrush-Pagecloud integration, users will need both Semrush and Pagecloud accounts to access the integration fully. 


All Semrush plans are compatible with the Pagecloud integration, and launching a single-page website is free when you sign up with Pagecloud. Users can upgrade their plan if they would like access to additional features.

To connect your Semrush account, visit our Knowledge Base article.

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