New Possibilities with the Content Marketplace Subscription

January 30, 2020image

Here comes a new decade and fresh content marketing trends that will surely change content creation for businesses. The needs of your audience are constantly evolving too, and you should keep up with what they want. 

Do you regularly need high-quality content, such as for your blog, with flawless texts that can be published right away? With our Content Marketplace, you can order ready-made SEO-optimized articles, designed for your needs: fast, simple, at a bargain price.

Guess what? We have added more amazing features that you can access via the new subscription. Here are the features:

  • Favorite writers. Choose writers you'd like to work with again.
  • Projects. Group your orders and templates according to the topic, campaign or client.
  • Bulk payment. Make just one transaction for several purchases.
  • Brief templates. Create brief templates and use them for your future orders. You can specify your domain, target audience, competitors, and so on.
  • Article revision. Request an unlimited number of revisions of your article, and its title and meta description.
  • White-label content approval links. Share an article with your colleagues or clients via a white-label link to let them directly review it.
  • Express order. Once a month, you can request your article to be written in half the usual time.

Give it a go right now, purchase the subscription for only $40, and order quality content of any complexity to market your business

Please note: if you’ve already ordered content from Marketplace, the subscription will be available for you free of charge for 2 months! 

More news is coming really soon. Share your comments and ideas on how we can improve Content Marketplace as well as what other services would be useful to you at

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