More Ways to Analyze and Optimize Your Content Performance

February 8, 2021image


It can be difficult to accurately measure the effectiveness of your content. Rather than relying on generic insights with little real value, modern content marketers need to be able to dig deeper.

With this in mind, last year we released ImpactHero, an AI-powered content marketing analytics tool that already:

  • breaks down content by customer journey stages;
  • detects the most impactful copy;
  • provides actionable tips on how to improve content.

Since then, though, we have been working to improve the quality of data, and to make it more granular and insightful. As a result, we are delighted to announce a new range of features that will allow you to meet these challenges head on, and dive deeper than ever into your content performance analysis. They include:

  • Performance analysis by content type and length
  • Traffic source analysis for each individual piece of content
  • Historical data to measure your progress
  • Detailed customer journey maps

So, let’s take a closer look at how the revamped ImpactHero can help.

What’s New?

In our recent study, we observed general trends between the characteristics of a piece of content and its performance. Through its newest features, ImpactHero can provide similar data, as described below.


The Analytics report allows you to identify the most effective types of content for each stage of your funnel, giving you a better chance of attracting and converting your target audience.


The report allows you to see which kind of content (i.e. question articles, ‘how to’ guides, or listicles) is the most effective for meeting your objectives, based on seven different content marketing metrics. These include total average traffic, Impact Score, and the average number of leads, giving you more flexibility in how you assess your content performance.



There is also a correlation between content length and performance. This report allows you to explore that trend further and measure content performance based on each piece’s word count, using the same seven content metrics. This will help you to improve your strategy according to the data.


User Flow

User Flow, meanwhile, is a concise interactive visual report that gives you a broad overview of where your users are coming from – and how well you are converting them.


The report graph breaks your users down by funnel stage and identifies how they are moving through your content funnel. This allows you to spot potential issues – such as if a large portion of your users are dropping out at a particular point – as well as where you are seeing the most success.

You can either view these user flows as an overview...


..or broken down for a more detailed insight:



We have also updated the ‘Contents’ tab to provide traffic source trends for each individual piece of content.


For each content piece, you can see where exactly your traffic is coming from. This allows you to identify your most effective traffic sources for each stage of the customer journey, and to monitor trend changes over time.


More Data Insights

With the new dashboard, your data is now combined from different reports. This allows you to enhance your content performance tracking efforts, and get more detailed insights.

You can also explore historical data (up to 3 months) to evaluate your progress and analyze how your key


Transform Your Content Performance

At every stage of the process, your content should be tracked and analyzed. To continue to appeal to – and convert – potential customers, you have to know what kind of content they like, as well as understand how they enter and interact with your funnel.

The ImpactHero tool lets you do all this and more, so why not give it a try and see for yourself? You can get access to a free 3-week trial here.

Alternatively, you can find out more about the full range of new and existing features here.

In the meantime, feel free to share your feedback with us at

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