New Keyword Manager App for Amazon SEO

October 25, 2022image

Semrush is excited to announce the release of our latest Amazon selling tool, Keyword Manager for Amazon.


The new app enables you to collect, analyze, and manage all your Amazon keywords in one place, and is integrated with other Amazon-focused tools to streamline your workflow.

It’s a highly useful addition for sellers and business owners who are optimizing multiple listings for Amazon search, or who are simply looking to improve their Amazon SEO.

How Does It Work?

Keyword Manager for Amazon lets you upload keywords from multiple sources and manage them on one platform, sparing you the time and effort of arranging complex spreadsheets. This is especially handy if you’re already using the Keyword Wizard for Amazon app, as you can transfer your keyword lists in just a few clicks.


For each keyword, the tool provides fresh, up-to-date metrics such as search volume and competitive difficulty. The simple interface allows you to easily filter and sort your lists based on these metrics, ensuring that you’re left with only the most suitable and high-potential Amazon search terms for your store.


Getting Started

Keyword Manager for Amazon is available through the Semrush App Center, and has both free and paid versions. You can find it here.

Note that the free version allows you to manage a single list of 100 keywords. The full version is available for $9.99 per month and provides unlimited access.

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