Global Updates to Search Volume Machine Learning Algorithm

October 10, 2022image

Early in 2022, we announced a major update to our US database that significantly improved the accuracy and reliability of our search volume data.

By adding new sources of data into our algorithm, we can predict reliable search volumes more consistently. 

According to our study, Semrush showed the highest accuracy among the top-known competitors in the US market as a result.

With better volume data at your disposal, you can be even more confident in forecasting potential traffic and SEO growth with your campaigns.

Now, the same algorithm update we made to the US database has also been applied to some of our regional databases. In addition to improved search volume accuracy, they’ve grown in database size, as well:

  • United Kingdom (from 894M to 1.3B keywords)
  • France (from 1.2B to 1.4B keywords)
  • Canada (from 626M to 1.03B keywords)
  • Australia (from 514M to 780M keywords)
  • Spain (from 743M to 1.02B keywords)
  • Italy (from 651M to 884M keywords)

The updates to this machine learning algorithm include:

  • Five times as many data sources as the previous algorithm
  • The addition of a Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithm that defines the popularity and trends of different topics
  • The addition of an Anomaly Detection algorithm that validates high-quality data from our data providers 

We expect a similar result in all regions.

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