Discover the “Compose with AI” Feature in SEO Writing Assistant

May 10, 2023image

Semrush’s SEO Writing Assistant tool is already packed with features to help you optimize and improve your content.

With the new “Compose with AI” function, now you can further cut down your research and writing time.

How Can AI Enhance My Content Writing?

AI can’t replace human writers, but it sure can help you save time on manual work. It’s essential, however, that your content is guided by real life expertise and experiences.

By using the “Compose with AI” feature, you can create more quality content faster. It can also help you:

  • Free up the time you used to spend researching topics
  • Create effective content outlines in seconds
  • Scale your content creation and write bits of text faster
  • Generate new ideas and save time brainstorming

AI is ultimately a money saver by completing the more time-consuming parts of writing blogs for you.

How Does the “Compose with AI” Feature Work?

First, access your Semrush account and proceed to the Content Marketing Toolkit tab. There, you’ll discover the SEO Writing Assistant.

Keep in mind that unlimited usage of this tool is only available for Guru plan subscribers.

AI only works when it’s given a command.

You’ll need to open up a new document in the SEO Writing Assistant.

Then type in a question or command like, “Which indoor plants are low maintenance?” You can even start writing a paragraph, and it’ll pick up where you left off.

Just click on the “Compose with AI” button and see the AI bot generate text in realtime.


It can even create an article outline for you, or help you put together certain sections of your blog posts.


Remember, AI is just a booster. It can’t replace the human element necessary to keep your text in check.

Be sure to review your text before publishing to make certain it’s in line with your own standards.

Ready to start writing content faster with AI?

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