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Advertising Research

Semrush lancia l'aggiornamento della metrica Keyword Difficulty

Oggi la nuova e migliorata metrica Keyword Difficulty (KD%) è disponibile in tutto l'ambiente Semrush. Per saperne di più…

SEMrush: Semrush lancia l'aggiornamento della metrica Keyword Difficulty immagine 1


An Extended Keyword Database for Israel Is Available – Only via Our Premium Partner Adactive

We're excited to announce we’re beefing up our Israel database: it now contains 6 million keywords instead of 800K! Looks like your own digital marketing lab has just got new high-powered equipment! Are you ready to get the full picture of your competitive landscape in Hebrew? Read more...Israel Database banner

Ricerca di Advertising – Ultimi Aggiornamenti

Scopri la nuova, rafforzata e aggiornata Ricerca di Advertising – la versione più accurata, completa e intelligente! Per saperne di più…

Ricerca di Advertising – Ultimi Aggiornamenti

The Updated Advertising Research and PLA Research Reports Are in Open Beta!

They say, “the only people who care about advertising are the people who work in advertising.” Well, in that case, we care a lot, and we know you do too. Today, we have updated two of our essential analytical reports, Advertising Research and PLA Research, which help you run your search advertising campaigns and take an inside look at your competitors' PLA strategies. Read more...

updated reports banner