Backlink Audit: Link Removal Process

December 22, 2016image

A Google penalty is an unfortunate thing to happen to your site. Nobody’s ever happy with that, and site owners always try their best to steer away from those sanctions. However, if your site gets penalized, the best thing to do is to have the problem fixed as soon as possible.

Previously, if you received undesirable backlinks, you had to take the time to get rid of them manually. If you weren't successful, you could send your backlinks to the Google Disavow tool. Sometimes it took a great deal of time to contact a person who was able to help you with deleting unwanted backlinks and avoiding Google penalties.

Our Backlink Audit tool offers a new, convenient way to interact with backlink-offering websites – now the backlinks removal process is more efficient and quick.

First, you need to select backlinks you’d like to get rid of and move them to the remove list.


After doing so, go to the ‘Remove’ tab where you’ll find the site owners' contact details. Here you will also be able to create a removal-request letter. Be sure to add your contact mailbox when prompted.


Once you’ve sent a removal request, you can easily start monitoring the status of your link.

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