Protect Your Amazon Sales with the Amazon Listing Alerts Tool

March 29, 2022image


Amazon sellers are well-aware of the risks that come with listing on the site. Product listings can be removed by scammy hijackers, rival companies, or Amazon algorithms, for example. 

Some sellers have even hired additional staff for exhausting manual listing check-ups. 

To try to save sellers from these hassles, Sellzone has engineered the Amazon Listing Alerts tool. Now, you’re able to spot any kind of issue with your listings—before it turns into a problem that affects sales.

This tool provides several conveniences to sellers:

  1. Stay aware of all threats to your product listings.

Keyword ranking shifts, losing the buy box, listing suppression, traffic drawdowns, price changes—the tool automatically detects and reports on any listing-related problem 24/7.


2. Find out about potential problems immediately.

If anything fishy happens to your Amazon product listings, you’ll receive an alert via email or SMS notification right away.


3. See the complete picture.

Receive Amazon alerts for as many listings as you like—including ones from your competitors!


Creating and maintaining product listings that generate stable income comes with its fair share of challenges. So don’t let your efforts go to waste!

Check out all the advantages of the new tool—try the Amazon Listing Alerts now!

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