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Connecting On Page SEO Checker with Google Accounts

Connecting On Page SEO Checker with Google Accounts

On Page SEO Checker offers advice for optimizing landing pages to rank higher for your target keywords. Depending on who is ranking in the top 10 positions for a target keyword, Semrush will provide suggestions for your set landing page to have it rank higher for a particular keyword.

If you connect your Google Search Console account to On Page SEO Checker, you can automatically import the landing pages and keywords that your website is ranking for. By connecting Google Analytics, Semrush can display bounce rate, time on page and page load time to provide ideas where you need to improve a page and user experience.

How to set up Google Search Console with On Page SEO Checker

You can enable your Google Search Console account to connect with your On Page SEO Checker through the configuration wizard when you create your campaign. The first step in the wizard is choosing your site’s landing pages and corresponding keywords to target. The five options you have are Auto Import, Manual, File, Google Search Console, and Organic Research.

add pages via search console

Choose Google Search Console from this list and enter your login information to connect your GSC account to Semrush. You can also add keywords and landing pages directly from the On Page SEO Сhecker interface.

When connecting GSC, make sure that your property’s URL exactly matches the project's domain in Semrush. If in GSC the property’s URL is, your project in Semrush should be set up for not and vice versa.

Google Search Console property's url

How to set up Google Analytics and On Page SEO Checker

Connecting Google Analytics can be done from the Overview tab after your campaign has been created. Next to the User Experience Ideas is a button to connect GA. Click this button and enter your email and password for your GA account. You can also get there from the Settings gear.

connect google accounts settings

In the next window, you’ll be asked to specify the correct property and view from GA to connect to your Project. After connecting, Semrush will begin to gather User Experience data for your landing pages. These integrations will enhance the quality of your ideas report, making it easier to see exactly where you should improve the content on your website.

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