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Why is my estimated advertising traffic & cost different from my actual traffic and spending in Google Ads?
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Why is my estimated advertising traffic & cost different from my actual traffic and spending in Google Ads?


Remember, SEMrush is complementary to your Google Ads or Google Analytics data. The Paid Traffic numbers you see in the Domain Overview or Advertising Research reports are not intended to tell you how much you are spending on Google Ads - you should use your internal analytics for that.

Instead, these numbers are intended to give you a benchmark for comparing your site’s advertising to a competitor’s or multiple competitors side by side.


National Level Data Collection

These numbers are calculated using average click through rates and positioning the domain has in the top 7 paid positions on Google Ads for the keywords that we have in our database. These positions are based on national level data, not local level data.

Therefore, we unfortunately do not gather data on ads from campaigns that are…

  • Running only on the local level
  • Shown on a particular time of day that does not correspond with our update time
  • Triggered by keywords we do not have in our database

If the ads are targeted for a special audience with different filters by ages, interests etc, it is possible that we won’t capture data on these ads either.

For more explanation, hover your mouse over the (i) icon.

Because Google’s SERPs for paid ads can be highly volatile and change multiple times throughout the day, it is impossible for any company to gather all of this data perfectly. That’s why our advertising research solution, with consistent data collection on the top 7 paid ads, is the best available option.