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Creating Ads with Ad Builder


No matter how well you plan out your PPC campaign with keywords and ad groups, making money ultimately comes down to how well your ads turn clicks into conversions. The advantage of the Ad Builder is that it allows you to see exactly how your competitors structure their ads so you can create your own to stand out.

Search by Domain or Seed Keyword
Use a Competitor's Ad as a Template
Writing Effective Ads
Dynamic Keyword Insertion
Sorting Ads
Editing Ads
Finding and Replacing Ad Copy
Previewing Ads
Exporting Ads

Search by Domain or Seed Keyword

Not only can you view the ads for specific competitors by searching their domain name, but you can also view the ads that are most prominent for a keyword by entering a seed keyword into the search bar. This will let you see how the rest of your target market is writing their ads.

To start, go to the Ads Research section of the Ad Builder report. You will be able to research both the text ads and display ads for your competition.

Please Note: The Ad Builder is automatically synced with the PPC Keyword Tool so any time you create an Ad Builder campaign it will automatically appear in the PPC Keyword tool and vice versa.

Let’s say you are an electronic store and are gearing up for a new campaign based around new computers. By entering the seed keyword "computers" into the Ads Research search bar you will be able to see how other competitors are advertising for the keyword “computers.”

Use a Competitor’s Ad as a Template

If you know that your competitors are running successful advertisements in your niche, you can type in their domain and see all of their ads.

If an ad catches your eye and you think something similar would be perfect for your own campaign, you can actually use it as a template for writing your ads.

By clicking on the + button (1) in the top right corner of the ad, you will be prompted to that ad’s template. If you select the "Keywords" dropdown (2), you can see all the keywords that triggered the ad. Each keyword will be listed with the ad’s position in the search results, competition level, and last update so you can identify which keywords would be easiest to go after first.

Creating Ads with Ad Builder image 2

Using these ad templates can allow you to take the aspects of your competitors' ads that you believe are working the best and adapt them to your own campaigns. You are able to customize all of the ad copy within this template so that your ad will be perfectly designed to convert your leads.

Within this template, you are able to customize your Ad headlines (1), description (2) and display URL (3). You can also choose which campaign and ad group you are going to use to sort the ad (4).


Writing Effective Ads

For most potential visitors, the headline is going to be the first thing that draws their attention so writing an eye-catching headline can make all the difference. When you’re writing your headline you are going to want to make a direct connection with your audience. Headlines should let a potential customer know exactly what they are going to see when they click on your ad. Misleading ad headlines run the risk of alienating a potential lead.

The sub-headlines (headlines 2 and 3) are an additional chance for you to grab your audience's attention. This is where you can add a call to action or specific benefit like “free shipping.”

The display URL is the URL users will see when viewing your ad. Keep in mind this is not necessarily the final URL they will be taken to so this allows you to create a simple, more attractive looking URL. For example, could be a display URL, while could be the Final URL.  

Creating engaging ad copy that is going to bring clicks and conversions to your site is one of the biggest factors when it comes to running a successful campaign.

Dynamic Keyword Insertion

Dynamic Keyword Insertion can help to greatly improve your ad’s relevance by automatically updating your ad copy with keywords from your ad group.

Creating Ads with Ad Builder image 4

The Ad Builder tool will determine which keyword in your ad group triggered your ad to appear and then update your ad with that keyword. This can increase your chances of appearing in front of your potential audience more often. If a certain keyword is generating a high search volume, it would be ideal to have that seed keyword located somewhere in your ad copy, and with this feature that's exactly what you can do.

Sorting Ads

In order to sort your ads, simply drag and drop the ad into the ad group in the dashboard located on the left. If you are running a campaign that has several different ad groups, the Ad Builder lets you sort all of your ads within these different groups. This simplifies your workflow by keeping relevant ads within the same place.


Editing Ads

Once your ads are created, you are able to edit them at any given time. If you notice that certain copy is performing better than others you can easily just go back into your ads and make the necessary changes to optimize your under-performing ads.

Not only can you edit your ads at any time after creation, but the Ad Builder allows you to edit multiple ads at the same time. Select which ads you want to edit by clicking on the checkbox in the upper left of each ad. You can then select the edit drop-down menu to begin making your changes.

edit-adsIn the edit window, you are able to see the preview of any edits made in real time. This way you know what your new ads are going to look like before saving the changes.

Finding and Replacing Ad Copy

In addition to simply editing your ads, you can actually find specific words in your ad copy and manually have them replaced with something else. For example, let’s say you have several ads with a headline that reads New Computers and you want to find all these ads and replace that headline with Buy New Computers, you can do this under the find and replace option under the edit drop down menu.

Previewing Ads

If you want to create new ads through the editing process but also keep your original ad, you are able to do that. In the editing wizard, you will see a checkbox directly above the green make changes button. When this box is checked it will ensure that you are keeping both your original ads, as well as the new edited ads.

Creating Ads with Ad Builder image 7

Exporting Your Ads

The final step you should take is exporting your customized ads. You can export your ads to a .CSV file which can then be imported into your Google AdWords Editor program. To do this, just simply click on the export tab located in the top right of the Ad Builder dashboard and select the CSV button. You can choose to export all of your ads, selected ads, as well as choose the campaign and group you're exporting from.

We also offer the option to export a PPC Map that maps out your ad groups and keywords in one file.  For the PPC Map, simply select PPC Map the export pop-out window.

Creating Ads with Ad Builder image 8


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