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PLA Сompetitors

PLA Сompetitors

The e-commerce industry continues to grow, and competition between online stores is progressively increasing. The Semrush PLA Competitors report allows you to spot and estimate competitors’ strengths and weaknesses in paid search almost instantly.
Go to the PLA Competitors report, enter your domain, and click Search.
PLA competitors table
You will get an extended list of your e-commerce competitors (1). By default, results are sorted by competition level in descending order. To learn more about each competitor, click a domain name, and you’ll be forwarded to the PLA Positions report.
Competition level (2) helps you measure how high the competition is for each domain. It is calculated based on the number of PLA keywords of each domain as well as the number of common PLA keywords. The higher the number of common keywords, the higher the level of competition is between websites.
In the Common Keywords column (3), you’ll see the number of search queries that trigger PLAs of your and competitor’s domains to pop up in search results. To see which positions you and your online rivals are getting in search results, click the number, and you’ll see the Keyword Gap report containing a side-by-side comparison of keyword rankings.
For each domain, you will also see the total number of PLA keywords (4). Click the number in the column to see a complete list of keywords.
The Paid Keywords, Paid Traffic and Paid Traffic Price metrics (5) will show you how active your competitor is using Google Ads text ads.
All data can be exported in XSL, CSV and CSV Semicolon. You can choose to export all the data or the first 100, 500, 1,000, 3,000, and 10,000.
You can also generate a report for competitors’ domains in order to see their online rivals. This can help you discover more e-commerce players in your industry, and spot their best product listing ads and keywords.
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