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How can I access more databases?

How can I access more databases?

Every paid Semrush user has access to our original 28 regional databases (listed at the bottom of this page).

However, in addition to these 28 databases, we offer paid users access to over a hundred more regional databases that can be added to your account.

Go to our stats page to see the complete list of databases.

How to Add Your 2 Free Additional Databases

You can add two of these additional databases to your account free of charge. If you have yet to select 2 additional databases when viewing past the top 10 results (in a report that is not domain or keyword overview) you will be asked to connect this database if you want to view more results.

Adding databases in Organic Research

Once connected, you will now have access to this database. However, users are only able to add 2 additional databases to their account on their own. From this point, if you want access to even more databases you’ll need to contact our sales team.

Fill out the custom plan form (on the contact us page) and our specialist will contact you to clarify the details of what databases you are looking to add.

Contact sales for additional databases

You can also send a database request to our Support team.

Databases available for all paid users

🇦🇷 AR - Argentina

🇦🇺 AU - Australia

🇧🇪 BE - Belgium

🇧🇷 BR - Brazil

🇨🇦 CA - Canada

🇩🇰 DK - Denmark

🇩🇪 DE - Germany

🇫🇮 FI - Finland

🇫🇷 FR - France

🇭🇰 HK - Hong Kong

🇭🇺 HU - Hungary

🇮🇪 IE - Ireland

🇮🇱 IL - Israel

🇮🇳 IN - India

🇮🇹 IT - Italy

🇯🇵 JP  - Japan

🇲🇽 MX - Mexico

🇳🇱 NL - Netherland

🇳🇴 NO - Norway

🇵🇱 PL - Poland

🇷🇺 RU - Russia

🇸🇬 SG - Singapore

🇪🇸 ES - Spain

🇸🇪 SE - Sweden

🇨🇭 CH - Switzerland

🇹🇷 TR - Turkey

🇺🇸 US - USA

🇬🇧 UK - UK

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