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What SERP Features can SEMrush Track?
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What SERP Features can SEMrush Track?


SERP Features can be an important factor when it comes to how Google views your site. Being able to gain advantage of SERP Features can help you bypass your competitors. 

Luckily SEMrush has a number of reports and tools that can help you research your own SERP Features.

Here are the following tools within SEMrush that can help you research SERP Features:

Each of these tools have specific ways in which you can research your market and niche for SERP Features. Follow the quick guides below to get the most out of each tool and report:

Position Tracking - Here you will be able to see the SERP Features you have on the SERPs in your custom set of target keywords. You will be able to pinpoint each SERP Feature that your site occupies and gains and loses over time. Simply hover over the icon in the column to see exactly which SERP Features a particular keyword has. 

What SERP Features can SEMrush Track? image 1

Sensor - With the Sensor report, you will be able to discover which SERP Features are the most present in various industries of search. By switching industries you can see which SERP Features play a more prominent role than others.

What SERP Features can SEMrush Track? image 2

Organic Positions Report - To analyze what SERP Features a domain has you can filter a website's organic rankings to find keywords that trigger SERP Features and the SERP Features that the domain has rankings for.

Once you’ve filtered by SERP Feature you can see a widget that will show you all of the SERP Features linking to the domain, as well as the ones that aren’t linking to the domain.

What SERP Features can SEMrush Track? image 3 

Keyword Magic Tool - Keyword Magic Tool is the most powerful keyword research tool within SEMrush and it also allows you to research for SERP Features. To find these SERP Feature opportunities all you need to do is utilize the SERP Features filter.  

What SERP Features can SEMrush Track? image 4

On Page SEO Checker - Provides suggestions on how to improve any pages that are likely to win a Featured Snippet. You will also get a suggestion on adding a markup code to your page so that your page can be rewarded with a star rating system.

What SERP Features can SEMrush Track? image 5

To find out even more about SERP Features and the benefits of them you can check out this helpful blog post.