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Connecting Semrush with SurferSEO

Connecting Semrush with SurferSEO

Semrush Backlinks are now integrated into Grow Flow, one of Surfer’s tools. This provides competitors’ backlink insights and help you to adjust your own link building strategy and drive traffic growth.

Surfer is the Content Intelligence tool that lets you write, optimize, audit, research, and ideate SEO-friendly content with the help of AI. All that so you can grow your brand, organic traffic, and revenue.

Grow Flow is Surfer’s newest tool. It provides you with AI-driven, domain-specific tasks you can complete to grow your domain.

The tasks refresh weekly, and include adding keywords to an article, writing a piece on a specific keyword, adding internal links, or — thanks to the Semrush integration — knowing which referrals are worth getting!

How to set up the Surfer and Semrush integration

  1. Create a Surfer account

    On the Freemium Plan, you’ll get free access to Grow Flow for one week. This means you’ll be able to capitalize on the Semrush-based tasks in Grow Flow!

  2. Start a Grow Flow project
  3. Connect your Semrush account to Surfer

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  4. Log in to your Semrush account or sign up for free
  5. Review the requested permissions and hit *Approve*

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From now on, you’ll be able to discover weekly which referring domains appeared in your competitors’ indexes. 

You’re going to get the list automatically, every week. Thanks to this integration, you can get a deeper understanding of your niche and effective link building techniques. 

You will be aware of links that are worth pursuing or avoiding — and the amount of effort needed.

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