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Display Advertising Tool

Enhance your GDN campaigns by monitoring competitors’ display ads. Analyze their ad texts and banners, locate where your competitors are advertising, and analyze what audiences your rivals are targeting.

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Explore GDN competitive landscape

View competitors' display ads

Do mobile and desktop analysis

Define your target audience

Get an Overview Of Your Competitor’s GDN Strategies

Find display ads of the best GDN performers in your niche and explore their strategies! The Semrush Display Advertising reports provide you with the most important information on other advertisers’ GDN strategies.

Explore competitor’s campaigns

  • Ads- see the total number of display ads from an analyzed advertiser.
  • Publishers- find out how many domains publish display ads from your competitor.
  • Countries- discover in which countries your competitor is most active.
  • Devices- understand which options other advertisers are focusing on in terms of device type and OS (iOS vs. Android).
  • Formats- explore which formats are used more frequently in your niche and analyze the breakdown more thoroughly.

Search ads by keywords

If you want to find all of the display ads associated with a specific product, simply enter the product name as a keyword in Display Advertising. The tool will show you Text and HTML ads in which this word or phrase was used. You can filter results by location and device. This is a great opportunity to explore new markets, products, or competitors in your niche!

Analyze Your Competitor’s Display Ads

Making prospective customers switch from another website to yours is a challenge. As an advertiser, you need to give users a good reason to click your ad if you’re going to interrupt their web surfing. With Semrush Display Advertising data, you can analyze how other companies successfully build display ads:

Key elements of an ad

The average number of monthly searches of a particular keyword over 12 months. This information will help you estimate the keyword’s value and benefit for your rankings.

Ads trend

Understand how actively your competitors are advertising their businesses. You can check if there has been any drastic change in their campaigns in the last months.

Advertising behavior

Sort ads by their popularity and view the first and last seen dates. Specify the device type, geographic location, and time frame to analyze your rivals’ ads in detail and discover their advertising behavior.

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Discover New Advertising Opportunities

While setting up display advertising campaigns, Google Display Network proposes different ad targeting options such as placement and device targeting.

Spot new publishers

You can increase the chances of your display ads appearing on relevant websites by identifying the right placements with our Publishers Report. Locate where your competitors are advertising and pick up high-performing placements for your display campaigns.

View display ads from different devices

With the Semrush Display Advertising analytics reports, you can see changes in statistics for different device types the ads were displayed on. Perform a deeper analysis of your competitors by finding out which OS and devices your competitors prefer to focus on.

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Target the right audience with Audience Insights

Audience targeting

To deliver the right message to the right person at the right time, you can analyze what audiences your competitors are targeting and use their best practices. These insights are now available in the Display Advertising tool. You can see breakdowns by gender, age, interests, and top advertiser categories. Gain audience to better understand your target audience and expand your marketing funnel!

Benchmark any domain for monetization potential

AdSense Benchmark Tool

Google AdSense is a program run by Google that provides publishers with a way to earn money from their online content. But how can you know if the game is worth the candle? With the AdSense Benchmark Tool, you can see your domain’s estimated ad revenue, that is, the potential revenue you could make if you monetized your website by publishing ads via Google AdSense.

Get a full picture of your competitor’s display advertising strategies!

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