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Find ideas for your ad creatives and use them as a template

Blank page syndrome can strike any advertiser at the most inconvenient times. That’s why you may need some inspiration before starting to create your ads.  


In the Ad Builder tool, you can research what your competition is doing and how other advertisers promote products and services in the same niches.

  • Check out your competitor domains’ advertising profiles
  • Get ideas for the desired seed keyword
  • Select your database (among 135 regional and 17 mobile databases!)
  • Use competitors’ ads as a template

If you have the PPC Keyword tool set up for this campaign, the same data (groups or campaigns) will automatically appear in the Ad Builder, as both tools work in synchrony.


Create effective text ads right in the tool

Once you’ve collected ideas, you can delve into the creative process. The user-friendly interface of the tool makes the process of ad creation smooth and simple:

  • You’ll be warned if the character limit of ad headlines and descriptions is exceeded
  • You can get additional ideas from competitors right in the template
  • A tracking code for each ad is generated automatically
  • Preview your ad in real time
  • Export your ad to a .CSV file

Tip: Take advantage of the dynamic keywords insertion feature! It can help you improve your ads' relevance to potential customers by automatically updating your ads with the keywords in your ad group that triggered your ads to show.

Add relevant ad extensions

Ad extensions are a perfect way to provide extra information about your product or service. As your ads get “extended”, they gain more visibility on the search results page. Extensions also positively influence Ad Rank, improve click-through rate and help users get necessary details about your business faster.


Ad Builder lets you create extensions for your ad campaigns right in the tool. So far there are the following extension types available for creation in Ad Builder:

  • Sitelink extensions
  • Callout extensions
  • Structured snippet extensions
  • Call Extensions

Build responsive HTML ads for your GDN campaigns

Display ads help you get your brand in front of the right people in more places than just search engines. So they can serve as an extra weapon for increasing the efficiency of your search campaigns and expanding your reach.


Apart from text ads, you can also create display ads for Google Display Network campaigns in Ad Builder.

  • Write both short and long headlines
  • Add descriptions
  • Upload your image and logo
  • View different examples of your ad in real time
  • Export your ad to a .ZIP archive