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Lionbridge uses SEMrush to support its global SEO offering and provide customers with search insights in 80+ markets.

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SEMrush has become our go-to platform for conducting keyword research. It is the only platform with the scale, market penetration, and language support to enable us to help customers in any market in the world. Plus, SEMrush offers more value per dollar spent.
Aoife McIlraith, Senior Director Global Marketing & Search Services, Lionbridge

About Lionbridge:

Lionbridge partners with brands to break barriers and build bridges all over the world. For more than 20 years, Lionbridge has helped companies connect with global customers by delivering marketing, testing and globalization services in more than 300 languages. Through its world-class platform, Lionbridge orchestrates a network of 500,000 passionate experts in 5,000-plus cities, who partner with brands to create culturally rich experiences. Relentless in its love for linguistics, Lionbridge uses the best of human and machine intelligence to forge understanding that resonates with its customers’ customers. Based in Waltham, Mass., Lionbridge maintains solution centers in 27 countries. Learn more at

Business challenge

Lionbridge is one of the largest translation and localization companies in the world. For more than 20 years, the company has been at the forefront of the industry, ensuring its customers’ content resonates with global audiences. With 47 offices from Boston to Dublin to Beijing, Lionbridge employs more than 6,000 people to deliver best-in-class services and works with major global brands to ensure global brand voice consistency and manage multilingual, multi-market digital marketing operations.
Lionbridge provides a full suite of marketing services, including global search consultancy and SEO optimization, in addition to its core translation and localization offerings. “The core of our business is our ability to handle multilingual content and scale across regions and markets. Part of our translator community is pre-qualified by a Lionbridge exam to execute international SEO with in-market requirements according to our strict best practice requirements. As a result, our team comprises hundreds of people across 30+ languages who conduct SEO work,” says Aoife McIlraith, Senior Director Global Marketing & Search Services, Lionbridge.
A few years ago, Lionbridge needed a new SEO platform partner with the ability to handle the growing size and scale of its SEO practice.
“Everything we do is at scale. Our prior platform could no longer support our language breadth at a reasonable price point. When you do the work we do in more than 350 languages, costs rack up quickly,” recalls Aoife.
On top of that, Lionbridge wanted to work with a partner with which it could develop solutions and co-create.


“After extensive due diligence, SEMrush was the clear winner. The team at SEMrush was so willing to listen to what we had to say and adjust the road map accordingly. SEMrush was willing to be a true partner with us, not just a vendor, and they offered more value for the dollar spent,” says Aoife.
SEMrush has met all of Lionbridge’s high expectations. “SEMrush has become our go-to platform for conducting keyword research. It is the only platform with the scale, market penetration, and language support to enable us to help customers—with domain analysis, backlink analysis, gap analysis, technical auditing, tracking and reporting results—in any market in the world.
To meet client needs, Lionbridge aggressively trains professional translators in the science of SEO. SEMrush is so easy to use, even SEO beginners can be trained to deliver great results.
Lionbridge has also experienced some unexpected additional benefits. “We use SEMrush as a pre-sales tool a lot,” Aoife says. “We no longer need to ask customers how they are performing in search - we already have the answer. That’s a very powerful message. Our ability to pinpoint our customers’ problems cements our relationship with them as a key global marketing partner.”
Importantly, the tool has also allowed Lionbridge to optimize its use of human resources. “The features, functions, and dashboards we’ve built within SEMrush have reduced our manual efforts by about 25%. The automated crawls and client-ready data presentation have enabled us to save about a quarter of our data analysts’ time. They can now leverage their time on deeper dives into key issues,”” explains Aoife.
Perhaps most striking is SEMrush’s ability to provide insights into voice searches. Lionbridge exports SEMrush data to extrapolate the tool’s rich snippets results and understand how customers are performing in voice search. “SEMrush is always thinking about what’s coming next,” concludes Aoife.


Lionbridge can easily and more cost-effectively scale to serve its customers in 80+ countries
Many of Lionbridge’s customers run businesses in 20-25 markets and the cost of providing services in those markets can be too high. SEMrush enables rapid upskilling of staff with an overall lower cost to operate.
Manual work reduced by 25%
Specialists involved in SEO tasks can use time more efficiently to dive deeply into projects, as automated reporting saves nearly a quarter of their time.
Leading-edge SEO capabilities extend to emerging voice search
SEMrush delivers top-level results in core SEO while enabling Lionbridge to get a glimpse into voice search queries from rich snippets data.
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