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Synergy Marketing Technology Limited

Synergy Marketing Technology Limited

Data Driven Approach to generate high quality lead

Hong Kong

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We specialised in digital analytics like Google Analytics 4, Google Tag Manager and Google Data Studio.

We help you grow your business by paid advertising with data-driven approach.

Our founder Eddie Lee has certified in Measurement marketing, and he is currently a community expert of

We help real estate agencies to generate high-quality leads.

Eddie as a former real estate agency owner, he built a strong online presence of my company from scratch with a very low budget. He used only 3 years to achieve 7 figures for his former real estate agency, starting from absolute zero (inside a garage in a rural area in Hong Kong).

He's now a data-driven marketing consultant.

He helps real estate agencies to build a profitable data-driven marketing campaign, which sustainably generates high-quality leads.

He is passionate about Google Analytics and Paid Advertising.

He could leverage all the marketing automation technology to help the agency synchronize their listings to different ads platform, including Google Ads, Facebook Ads, YouTube. With an organic and paid approach, real estate agencies can build a strong online presence with a low marketing budget, result in high ROI.

He helps real estate agencies to build:

- Company website with property listing feed

- Google Analytics ready site tracking and reporting

- Engaging Lead generation landing pages

- Email marketing automation / Leads nurturing sequence

- Property Listing real-time synchronization with Facebook commerce/ads manager, Google Ads

- Dynamic retargeting with similar properties type or location

- Automatic sharing across different social media

If you want to grow your real estate business, please reach us at


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They are large brand and their online shop needs more sales. They don't have an omni-channel traffic strategy and they don't have marketing analytics in place.


We help them to optimise their Shopify store and track all e-commerce data in GA4 and Facebook pixel. We help them to synchronise their product listing to Facebook catalog and Google Merchant Center.


Their online sales increased 30% by the end of year.


Their property listing site didn't have analytics. They didn't have a customer acquisition strategy in place.


We help them to implement GA4 and Facebook pixel for their listing site. We setup Facebook catalog and Facebook sales catalog ads.


Leads are properly tracked and reported now. The number of leads scaled up 40%

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