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Informazioni su Power Marketing International

As a premier design and digital marketing agency, Power Marketing International has cultivated a culture of putting our clients first and driving results that matter. Our design philosophy is to bring the highest quality visual and practical online services that match your brand and company on every level. Above all, we believe in and actively practice doing business with honesty, integrity, and a sincere heart for our clients and their business’s needs. We will not sell you something you do not need or claim falsehoods for future and unseen results. Our experts cover all the major facets of branding and online digital marketing, including SEO, web development, backend design, frontend design, and paid online advertising. We write code that works, and we design websites that capture attention and customers from the first viewing. SEO is an art, and as with design, we take that art very seriously on all levels. Getting your website to be prominently displayed in search results will take the potential of your business and bring it to the forefront. We often utilize WordPress as it is one of the most successful web development platforms on the market and gives the edge on complete customization. PMI lives and breathes in the digital marketing space and brings that passion to every aspect of your online business needs. Design and execution help further our efforts as well as your own, and that synergy has benefited not only us but also the customers and businesses we work with.

  • $5,000+
Assistenza Semrush
Non forniamo questo servizio al momento.
Modello di pricing
  • In base al progetto
Dimensione del business del cliente
  • Media (da 50 a 249 dipendenti)

Gestione branding e reputazione

  • Gestione della reputazione online
  • Posizionamento e valori del brand
  • Strategia del brand
  • Identità visiva e verbale

Content marketing

  • Strategia di contenuti
  • Copywriting
  • Storytelling
  • Contenuti creativi
  • Distribuzione dei contenuti
  • Produzione foto e video


  • Annunci display
  • PPC
  • Retargeting e remarketing
  • Pubblicità nativa
  • Pubblicità video


  • Local SEO
  • SEO internazionale
  • Test SEO A/B
  • Gestione e creazione di backlink
  • Ricerca keyword
  • SEO mobile
  • SEO tecnica

Social media marketing

  • Monitoraggio dei social media
  • Social media a pagamento
  • Audit dei social media
  • Gestione dei social media
  • Produzione di contenuti
  • Creazione e gestione di comunità online

Sviluppo web

  • Sviluppo web
  • Web design
  • UX
  • Manutenzione di siti web
  • Sviluppo di landing page

Strategie di marketing

  • Analisi di mercato
  • Analisi dei competitor
  • Pianificazione del marketing
  • Sondaggi e interviste
  • Generazione di lead
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Outbound Marketing
  • Architettura e design
  • Servizi professionali e aziendali
  • E-commerce
  • Information Technology
  • Inglese
Focus geografico
  • North America

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