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Graham SEO

Graham SEO

Very technical & experienced, all aspects of web.

Chester, England, United Kingdom

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You may have worked with a web developer to have your website created. This is a great start but now you need a web presence.

You may have worked with a digital marketing agency and realised that you would prefer to work with an SEO specialist instead. Sometimes it makes sense to put your faith into a dedicated SEO service.

You may need your website moved to a new host or would like an SEO expert to audit your new design prior to launch. Do you need an SSL installing?

Is your website hacked and you need it to be fixed? Someone to help you with the technical things that flummox or challenge you? Need content updating on your website but not sure how to do it or don’t have the time? If there is something that affects the performance of your website, I’ll help.

SEO goes beyond simply optimisation and rankings, its about ensuring optimal performance and this can include business automations and improved Conversion Rate Optimisation. Automations may sit slightly outside of the remit of an SEO, but my skillset does not sit completely comforatbly within that of an SEO, I'm here to help YOU and your company succeed.

I am well versed in all things AI and how this is now impacting upon the world of SEO and I can bring this to the table too, including chatbots for your site and prompt engineering.

In short, you need to work with someone that can trust, gets results and help your business succeed. 

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