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FREE online course: SEMrush Overview 

Features and Tools

3 lessons


First Glance at SEMrush All-In-One Marketing Suite

Hello and welcome to our course! My name is Ashley Ward, I'm a digital marketing strategist and a passionate digital marketer. I'll guide you through this course.

Let me start with getting you acquainted with SEMrush. At the beginning, SEMrush kicked off as a modest set of tools for SEOs, then evolving into an award-winning all-in-one platform for digital marketers.

Now, it comprises more than thirty tools within five major toolkits:

  • SEO
  • Competitive research
  • Advertising
  • Content marketing
  • Social media

Knowledge Resources Available at SEMrush

However, SEMrush is much more than a marketing suite that gives you an upper hand against your competition. We offer different formats to help you better understand various aspects of the industry, as well as grasp the wonderful diversity of our features and tools.

At your disposal:

  • SEMrush Academy - you're here now :)
  • Our Blog, which features the “Discover SEMrush” series and is packed with posts on digital marketing in general
  • Ebook library, which is perfect for those who prefer traditional ways of gaining knowledge
  • The Knowledge Base full of manuals, workflows, and FAQs

In SEMrush, you also have an access to a vibrant community of industry professionals to network with. SEMrush has been an agile company since day one, which means new tools and features are rolled out literally every week. Every update makes the data provided more and more complete, and easier to analyze, process, export, and showcase.

SEMrush Updates

So, let me expand on the information sources that will help you stay on top of the latest SEMrush updates. First, is the SEMrush News section, which can be found in the top menu. Every time a significant change to our toolkit is rolled out, an article appears here. In these articles, you can take a look back and see the history of the tool's evolution.

Another small but powerful feature is Notes. As you view certain graphs in SEMrush, you will see notes on the axis indicated by red diamonds or the “G” Google logos. We add them to your charts on days we have updated our database, updated a specific tool, or spotted any significant changes to Google's algorithm. You can even add your own annotations to keep track of your work.

What to Expect from the SEMrush Overview Course

You'll learn a range of skills, from how to get started with SEMrush, to how to run your SEO campaigns and track your success. Each lesson is devoted to a particular part of the SEO toolkit.

It includes:

  • an overview video tutorial;
  • a video with expert tips;
  • a “Read Further” section, which is crucial to study as it contains further information needed to pass the exam;
  • and finally a quiz, which will help you better grasp the material covered in the lesson.

By taking the course:

  • you'll understand know how to do SEO using the SEMrush tools;
  • learn how to solve SEO-related issues in the most efficient way;
  • and be able to put your knowledge into practice to reach your goals.

Stay tuned, enjoy the course, and enjoy SEMrush!